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This is how confident I am that the stuff in this book works.Many of you who have already used my online dating techniques already know how effective they are.

That could be true except that only a very small portion of people under the age of 19 use online dating.All those guys who successful with women know this stuff already.Joshua Pellicer is a very successful pickup artist, there's no doubt about that.Plus online dating could very well increase rape rates if it encourages women to meet face to face with strangers.So, not good results for those who have tried for years, largely unsuccessfully, to prove that access to porn increase male violence.There are also some interesting implications for how we think about the motivation for rape.

It is difficult, for example, to reconcile a belief that rape has nothing to do with the act of sex itself if the evidence suggests that teenage boys are choosing to masturbate in front of their computers instead of being rapists.The most recent decline is not an anomaly; rape rates have been falling since their peak in the early 1990’s (see the figure I have included below which uses annual data from the FBI).Over the same period internet access in the US has skyrocketed; in 1997 (the first year that the current population survey collected this information) only 18.6% of American’s had internet access in their homes. It may seem like the relationship between internet access and rape is spurious, but evidence suggests that even after controlling for known determinants of rape rates (such as policing, urbanization, poverty and the age distributions), a 10% increase in internet access coincides with a fall in rape rates of 7.3%.I have culled through all of this information, thrown out what doesn’t work, thrown out stuff that’s now outdated, and organized all the good stuff into the single most comprehensive manual on online dating success for men I have ever seen.3 Radiometric Dating 2: Dating Using Long-Lived and Short-Lived Radioactive Isotopes.The argument given in this particular paper is that porn and rape are, in the economic sense, substitutes.

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