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After he wins the match, Ali claims to be freest black American.

A portion of the film has interviews with well known individuals including The Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan, and musician Bono.

While Ali comes out on top on most of the fights represented in the movie, he took his share of punches later on in his life, something that is not exposed in the film nor actively comprehended by most people who are familiar with his private life.

Close to Ali are various characters pushing and pulling for ownership of his soul like Malcolm X, promoter Don King, his friend Howard Bingham, spiritual guru Drew Brown - but the most sentimental connection placed between Ali and TV pundit Howard Cosell (an unrecognizable Voight).

The ship encounters an asteroid field and crashes on Earth killing all of the passengers except Cypher (who is wounded) and Kitai.

These two must get to a tracking beacon 1000 kilometers away from where they land to be rescued.

For all of its spinning drama, Ali is such a gloomy epic, full of soft, reflective moments in which show us ’Ali’ pulling the ropes of his celebrity character.

There is a lack of dramatic show in a mid of movie that should really buzz- Ali's refusal of the draft, and his first wife's rejection of his Islamic customs, feel rather cajoled than they should be.

He is a father who is buried in his work and inadvertently neglects his son.

Kitai is a new recruit for the Ranger Corps, but has a penchant for mischief and does not advance with his training group this frustrates Cypher.

After Earth starring Will Smith tells the tale of an Earth which was abandoned after the planet and every being on it evolved to kill humans.

Cypher (at the insistence of his wife) takes Kitai with him on a mission trip to Earth.

It feels like an incomplete cut that might play better after editing.

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