Who is chris spielman dating

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10 with Karen Hughes, former White House adviser to George W. Also in the lineup is Nabeel Qureshi, a Pakistani-American and author of "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus;" Dinesh D'Souza, a Christian author and filmmaker; and Kevin Sorbo, a Hollywood actor and producer who recently starred in the Christian film "God's Not Dead."Information: Visit The pair has two daughters from the marriage, Kendra Spielman, and Gina Spielman.

Then his wife, Stefanie, miscarried their third child, shortly followed by a diagnosis of breast cancer at age 30.

Chris Spielman signs a copy of his book for Joan and Ralph Fiorillo's daughter, who recovered from breast cancer.

Spielman spoke at the Bonita Christian Forum March 23.

Laura Gates/Banner Correspondent From age four, Chris Spielman knew he was a football player. This was the message he shared with hundreds of people gathered for the Bonita Christian Forum at First Presbyterian Church Monday night.

He ran drills up and down the stairs, he turned his G. Joes into linebackers and even blindsided his grandmother with a surprise tackle, sending her to the hospital for a checkout. The crowd included many red-clad Ohio Buckeyes fans, as well as several cancer survivors and caregivers, each relating to different chapters in Spielman's life.

Spielman put his comeback on hold; his new mission was to battle cancer with his high school sweetheart.

The cancer went into remission, and the Spielmans had two more children, but the disease reared its ugly head again, and again.

She is a former Strategic Investment Analyst at Cardinal Health Foundation. She has not revealed her ethnic background as of now.

Talking about her education, Carrie attended Youngstown State University in 1989.

Ten years of facing this foe would lie ahead, and Spielman learned to stop trying to cut deals with God and simply trust Him."I had to do something if a football player did on a field he'd be shot for treason: I had to surrender," said Spielman, alluding to his spiritual surrender to a loving God.

"I was then able to go home and serve."Tossing aside all the accolades he has received as a football player ?

culminating in an induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2010 ?

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