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Now he's on the run from a team of spooks, despatched by his father-in-law to Vienna, where Aliyev was the Kazakh ambassador until late May.His extraordinary fall from grace, and presidential politics in Kazakhstan as a whole, owe more to . The day the Kazakh authorities obtained a warrant for Aliyev's arrest, a spokesman for the interior ministry accused him of running a Mafia-type network in the country and beyond.

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Central Asia watchers have always believed that Nazarbayev would prevent a similar outcome in Kazakhstan by handing over power to a member of his own family or inner circle.In the latest extraordinary twist, Dariga announced in mid-June that she had divorced Aliyev by fax.He in turn claimed that his signature on the divorce document was a forgery. Kuli bayev is alleged to have presented Nazarba yev with documents in 2001, outlining a plan by Aliyev to stage a coup.Regime change Big business is forced to rely for stability on its political ties to the Nazarbayev family, and for the past 18 years this stranglehold on power has yielded a fairly safe environment for western investors.However, the talk in the bars of Almaty this past week kept returning to the dangers of regime change, as in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, where the former president Askar Akayev was deposed in 2005.Avid TV junkies will most likely recognise Kimberley Joseph from her stint on 'Lost', where she played Cindy the flight attendant.

You might even remember her career in the '90s, having seen her in shows like 'Home And Away' and 'Gladiators'.

But the public run-in with Aliyev could spell the end for "Operation Successor".

Most of the people I spoke to in Kazakhstan saw the edict against Aliyev as part of a broader move by Nazarbayev to consolidate his authority after he signed constitutional amendments in late May that in effect allow him to stay in power for life.

His strategy is clear - the same strategy as has worked (so far) in the case of the Russian exile Boris Berezovsky.

The Kazakh president has sent a team of lawyers led by the deputy prosecutor general to Vienna in order to extradite Aliyev from Austria, where the outcast has applied for political asylum.

American companies have invested billions of dollars in Kazakhstan, whose potential oil reserves are as high as 110 billion barrels.

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