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So, the confluence of the various outcomes is just insane. It's been hands down one of the best experiences of my life.I'm interested in the shaping of the show -- how did you craft a narrative out of your experiences?

I think also, ironically, it's watered down my identity politics because I realized obsessing over these ideas is in some ways arbitrary and synthetic, when this isn't the reality that most of the world is facing.

Now that you're back in New York, how has your experience of being in Pakistan affected what personal identity means to you?

I don't know how to emphasize this enough -- and it sounds trite and hackneyed -- but the freedoms and luxuries that we're afforded on every single level are really remarkable.

" Given that I'm half-Pakistani, I already knew some people there, which made it much easier and which made it a lot more feasible for me to go and work there than if I was just some random white person, because I could pass as a Pakistani if I didn't open my mouth.

So, I sent some writing samples and expected to get an internship offer, but they offered me this really cool position as a features writer at this weekly newspaper along with work on the production team of a punditry show on the weekends.

But, in more extreme circumstances, it's something that's more acutely demanded of people on a daily basis. I was a little wobbly at first, but I got there in the end. We're getting off track here, but I had these wonderful friends who said, "Ok, you can come and use my apartment for sex.

So, we deal with that in the play: we talk about people I know being shot and people persisting every day, despite the risks. I hadn't done it in six months, so I was pretty sure I'd forgotten how to at the time. We'll go out for the evening." I mean, we couldn't do it in the car because there was a driver, and we would be arrested or worse; basically, sapphic, roadside car sex was not advisable." It's a hook and also a framework -- the date happens throughout the course of the play and it weaves in and out of vignettes and asides.So, it functions as a map for dealing with much more serious themes, the two major ones being the narratives we create for ourselves in order to make our situations tolerable and also the extent to which people are willing to make compromises.I'd be lying if I didn't say the lesbian Tinder date with the dad kidnapped by the Taliban wasn't a sensationalist hook.Because the minute you mention those three words -- Taliban, lesbian, and Tinder -- people are like, "Can I get my ticket now, please?Anyway, ultimately, this bizarre and surreal date involved so many essential themes -- from extremism to sexuality to identity -- it offered the perfect window into an often inaccessible world.

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