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Mom's Horse Hunger Chapter 1Patti Adams rolled over in bed. Alice, oblivious to her daughter's spying, scrambled to her feet. No matter how many times she had fucked around with Blazer, she always yearned for more. Slobber your spit over them."Blazer snorted, shook his head and brought his slobbering mouth to her huge tits. Alone on the farm for six months with only Patti, sex was the only thing she could think of. She rubbed her small budding tits through her blouse. Alice staggered away from the wet slurping mouth of the giant horse. Warm sudsy pussy juice flowed from her empty cunt, soaking Blazer's back. She was sprawled out, her pussy exposed, pulsing, oozing. " she moaned, propping her twin ass cheeks up in the air.She blinked her eyes and squinted, the light from the window bright. She reclined in the hay, humping her jean-clad crotch into the horse's face. A mental picture of her in the woods, her wet pussy humping against his snout, swirled in her head. Her tongue flicked nervously over her dry lips, moistening them."How about some tits first? "I like having my tits sucked."As if responding to her question, Blazer shook his head up and down. Tits heaving, she pulled off her blouse and folded it neatly over Blazer's stall. She brought her hands up, cupped her mammoth tit-globes and shook them. "She felt suddenly foolish, baring her body to an animal. The excitement raging in her pussy had quickly canceled out the uneasiness. With his tail swishing, he feasted on her tits gently, enjoying the spongy texture of her skin."Oooo, Blazer! She wriggled her hips, offering her heart-shaped ass to the giant animal.

"Later, then I'll treat you."Patti's heart skipped a beat as she watched her mother begin to dress. "Nice, Blazer." She soothed the agitated beast with her words, calming him. "Later I'll take care of your cock." She giggled and left the barn, squinting against the bright morning sun. "Oh, God, I gotta cum."Forgetting about everything but her own raging lust, the blonde teenager raced upstairs to her room. Nervously, she stripped off her top and looked at her budding tits in the mirror. With her heart pounding, she stared at her lithe figure, silky blonde pussy mound, and small sensitive tits. She strutted over to the full-length mirror and feasted on the sight of her own youthful body."Ohhh, Blazer," she cooed. Her urgent fingers stroked down between her parted thighs, touching the moist gash of her virgin cunt. Dizzy with an overwhelming passion, she straddled the door and rubbed her cunt along the hard edge, shaking and whimpering as the wood mashed her clit. Her long slender legs stiffened, slapping up and down on the bed. She bit her hand and collapsed back on the bed, quivering in the tingling aftermath of her first truly great orgasm.

She held tight, racing toward the peak and an orgasm that would leave her as weak as a kitten. Her mouth opened wide, but only garbled sounds rushed out. His cock poked out, fully extended and throbbing for release. Her screams filled the barn, drifting out to her enthralled daughter, exciting the innocent child."More, fucker! He chomped, his tongue stirring the fiery passion in Alice's cunt.

Blazer tried shaking free from her grasping thighs. He was still a prisoner of Alice's pussy and gripping thighs. She clawed the hay, twisted her hips, riding Blazer's mouth as she climbed higher and higher towards an explosive climax. Alice moaned, writhed, and grabbed her flopping tits.

He dropped his head, the muscles in his sleek powerful body rippling.

The scent of Alice's pussy was stronger with her panties off.

" Tremors swept through her pussy, and her thighs ached. His thick cock peeked from the loose skin of his sheath. Patti stared through the window, hypnotized by her mother's erotic actions. Warm pussy juice flowed over his rubbery lips and into his flared nostrils. " She humped up recklessly, jammed her clit into his mouth.

She leaned against the wall as the shock weakened her. "Maybe I'll strip for you and you can eat me." Her own words still sounded strange to her ears. "Oooo, Christ, I love it so much."She knew she always would. Patti gawked through the small window at her mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she whispered, wishing she was in the barn, too. Tits flopping, head jerking back and forth, soft dark hair swishing over her flushed face, Alice maintained her balance as Blazer pranced around the barn. Pulsing muscles inside Alice's cunt beat against her empty channel. Alice lost her balance and fell from the horse's back, tumbling into the pile of dry hay. "Oh, shit," she mumbled, wanting to be there and enjoy the same things. She rolled over in the hay, giggling as the hay jabbed into the flesh of her tits, soft belly, and thighs."How about my asshole?

She used all the strength she could muster and jabbed her cunt one last time into the horse's mouth. She twisted her hips, taking the attack to the stallion. Alice, dazed from her overpowering orgasm, blinked, gazed at the horse feasting between her legs. Her fingers now clawed the hard clit poking vulnerably from its sheath.

She smashed her cunt into his mouth and collapsed back on the dirt floor, writhing in whimpering joy as she skittered down from the tremendous orgasm she had just experienced. She gasped, too weak to take anymore of his exquisite mouth. Her small nipples swelled like never before, ached painfully. "Lick my titties."She thrashed on the bed, climbing quickly towards an orgasm. A rush of excitement flooded her young nubile body."Oh, shit. It was intense, exciting, the best of her young life. She writhed wildly on the bed, her fingers a blur as they whipped over her puffy pussy and hard pulsing clit.

"I'll be down in a minute, Mommy.""Okay, honey," Alice said.

"I'll start the eggs."Patti waited until her mother's footsteps had faded, then scrambled out of bed and dressed.

Blazer had turned her, like always, into a fiery ball of unleashed lust. The sound of her zipper echoed in her head like rumbling thunder. Blazer took a step toward her, nudged her belly with his snout. He shook his mane and bumped his cold wet nose against her belly again."Eeewww! Her feet tangled in her jeans, and she fell back, cushioned by the hay. The aromatic scent of Alice's turned-on pussy flared his big nostrils and he rumbled his lips. "The heady scent of her cunt went straight to the animal's head. Blazer dropped his head and, highly agitated, pranced around the barn.