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'Phillip was known to be a long term gambling addict and the preparation, the location that was selected and together with the information in those letters leave me in no doubt he wanted to end his life.'Philip's death was a tragedy and nobody can begin to comprehend the grief of a mother whose son has died before their time.' Two months prior to his death, he had taken a paracetamol overdose as a 'cry for help' and was seen by mental health professionals who recommended he attend Gambling 'AA' sessions in a bid to tackle his addiction.

Last July 11 amid mounting debts, Mr Tomlinson penned a note saying 'I am sorry for gambling, it was my biggest regret' before taking his own life at a beauty spot.Mr Tomlinson's mother Kindal Rogers, 53, told the hearing: 'Philip worked as a pricing manager at Morrison's and was very well liked at work but he had a problem with gambling which started in his late 20's.'It began on the slot machines at the bookies but then developed using his i Phone and i Pad.'He could lose up to £1,000 in one session and had a very serious relationship which broke down because of his gambling habit and he was getting into debt.Additionally, you can divide Internet addictions into categories - like online shopping addictions, an online gambling addiction, or cyber sex addiction.That said, at the root of every addiction, whether it's drugs, food, or computer addiction, there's a common factor that suggests that the addiction is indeed an addiction, and not just a habit.That common factor is that the habit creates a negative impact on the person's regular life.

A real addiction negatively affects home life, interpersonal relationships, work, and emotional health.

'He then met a woman called Rachel at work who encouraged him to gambling anonymous sessions.'She seemed to improve his condition and I assumed that he was getting better but he was still doing it behind the scenes.

Towards his death, he had developed fluid in his knee and had to take three weeks off work and he became a reclusive.'In May 2017 he took an overdose of paracetamol but he realised what he had done and took himself to hospital - it seemed more like a cry for help.

I was sleeping on the sofa and he came in and said: 'Sorry I woke you up, I love you,' and that was the last thing he said to me.

He went out and I expected him to return that evening but he never did.'I received a Facebook message from his friend saying that Philip was supposed to be at work but hadn't showed up, and by 10pm that night we became really worried.

He was found hanged from a tree in secluded woodland by a dog walker in Monton, near Eccles, Greater Manchester less than an hour after his worried mother issued a missing person's appeal Two handwritten suicide notes addressed to Mr Tomlinson's family were found in his rucksack.