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‘Of everything that ever happened to me, that hurt the most,’ she says. If I can breathe, I can dance.’, the story of love, jealousy and death is set in a modern-day refugee camp.

The more we talk, the more Irina’s complexity becomes clear.The love triangle implodes and Carmen is tragically stabbed to death.) In preparation for the production, Irina and Konstantin spent weeks visiting refugee camps in Macedonia and Serbia with Oxfam.‘When I dance, I will be thinking of all those children and all those mothers,’ she says.‘It makes me sad that we live in such a materialistic world when there are so many real problems that are not yet resolved.To be made a prima ballerina and not to be accepted by the Bolshoi – the beating heart of Russian ballet – left her wide open to sneering from the dance elite.Then, four years later, when Irina married the founder and director of St Petersburg Ballet Theatre Konstantin Tachkin, critics accused her of being promoted to star status because of their relationship.The families I met were just people trying to survive – trying to create a life for their children in the most terrible circumstances.

This time I will be dancing for them.’We are sitting in Irina’s office, surrounded by framed posters of shows she has performed all around the world.She laughs as she describes walking into a cake shop for the first time. And I looked at all the cakes and then the worst thing happened. My body was telling me I didn’t want to eat any of them. That was sad.’Irina’s story is straight from the pages of a fairy tale, where love, beauty, happiness and success are tinged with dark shadows of cruelty and misery. All the time you worried the teachers didn’t like you. We were weighed and measured, and the teachers were not happy. The traditional Russian ballet body is very small, so you can see bones.’For years she lived in a cycle of hellish diets. ‘There was one where I just ate one apple a day and had 450g of porridge. I remember walking home, I was so weak that I couldn’t step up on to the pavements. I lost weight, but it still wasn’t good enough – the teachers praised me for the weight I had lost but they would still tell me I was too big.She spent her early years in Volgograd, where her soldier father was posted in the Russian army. All the time you feared they would tell you to go.’When Irina hit puberty, her body changed. I was tortured in my head because my body was my enemy.’I can’t help wondering if her mother wanted her to leave the ballet academy. She would go and see my teachers but what she said was just not important.The ballet elite of Russia, however, sharpened its claws.The all-powerful Bolshoi is seen as the very pinnacle and protector of classic Russian dance and Irina, because of her shape and size, had never measured up to its exacting standards.A keen lover of the arts, he believed there was room for another dance company that could meld traditional Russian music with ballet. But it was a new company and he wanted something different. I knew he was special, but I also knew I would never do anything until his marriage was over. I also knew when his marriage ended, his children chose to be with him. It was then I knew I could be with him.’The couple live in St Petersburg (in a three-bedroom apartment on a tiny island) with their daughter.