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Stephens' coach, David Nainkin, called it "cheating within the rules."The New York Times splashed it on the front page under the headline "A Timeout Jeered Round the World."Breaking rhythm Today's high jinks fall mostly under the umbrella of tempo control — breaking rhythm, causing distractions and stalling. They feign un-readiness before an opponent serves when they are supposed to play at the server's pace. They saunter over to their changeover chair to grab a different racket."It's people trying to take advantage of the system," says veteran doubles player Lisa Raymond of the USA. That's my goal today."And he did, Gullikson says of Lendl, who was 16-0 vs. And of course there are medical timeouts, tennis' version of icing the kicker.

Djokvoic said: “For me it’s just something that is normal to do if I feel like I had no chance to play that ball.Winning Ugly author Gilbert recalls the time that, annoyed by an opponent that kept asking for the same ball after every point, he hid it in his pocket.When the umpire told him to return it, he whacked it out of the court."The guy got so rattled I turned the match around from down a set and a break and won the last 10 or 11 games," says Gilbert.Novak Djokovic admitted he may have to limit the amount of time he practises with after the veteran gave the top seed a tough work out on Centre Court Radek Stepanek.Djokovic moved into the third round with a 6-4, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6 win over Stepanek in a match that featured only two service breaks and numerous referrals to the Hawkeye line calling system. Some might even be called "cheating within the rules."U. Rules, and enforcement, have tamped down on the occasional barroom-brawl atmosphere that undermined (or perhaps enlivened) the genteel game.

grand Tennis isn't the invective-spewing, crotch-grabbing, play-disrupting Wild West it was in the early decades of the professional era.

"If you can get your opponent thinking more, getting distracted, it's only benefiting you."NEW YORK — Delays. At the Monte Carlo Masters in April, Marinko Matosevic of Australia intentionally knocked over the No.

Rife for mental games Quirky players are particularly rife for mental razzing.

2 Spaniard's meticulously placed water bottles on a changeover. Less amusing to Nadal was the time Robin Soderling refused to leave the locker room first for one of their matches, another of Nadal's tics.

Soderling — no shrinking violet, and the only player to beat the eight-time French Open champion in Paris — sat and stared down Nadal until he was forced to exit ahead of Soderling.

The match ended on a successful challenge by Djokovic in the tiebreaker.

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