Progress bar not updating

15-Dec-2017 22:14 by 9 Comments

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I can't get the bar to gradually decrease to reflect the two second decay.Attached is an image of my "blood blueprint", which I should mention is in the Third Person Character Blueprint.

I'm trying to create a blood variable (default value 200) that will decrease by 1 point every 2 seconds.

The idea is that once the value of the blood variable dips below certain point numbers it a effects how the health regenerates, for example; if the blood value has decreased to less than 150 the health will only regenerate half as fast as it did when the blood was higher than 150.

I think I've got the hang of the basic math, but when I try to link the variable to a progress bar the best I've got is that the bar is empty or 100% full.

In the middle of the loop I want to update my text property on the form to let my users see some simple progress.

The problem I ma having is that nothing appears in the textbox. You should really do the intensive work in a separate thread.

Since the Initialize event occurs before the dialog box is actually show, you must use the Activate event. Width - 10) End With When you execute the Show Dialog subroutine, the Label object's width is set to 0.

Insert the following subroutine in the Code window for the User Form. Then the Show method of the User Form1 object displays the dialog box.

Here is a picture of the blueprints that are suppose to update it: Now, a few facts to save time: The blueprint is written in the Character BP. I I plugged a print string inbetween the Cast and Set Percent, and nothing happend. How do I get my Game Over menu to disappear without having my captions remaining?

How to check if there is a montage playing in a given slot?

I have stepped through the code and all is well but it still isn't updating. You can use a background worker, or simply start a new thread manually.

To update the textbox, you will need to use Invoke in combination with a delegate.

We're a group working on a school project, and we've fallen into a little bit of a headache. I made a exact set-up for the enemy and its health bar, and it works just fine! In my example it is stored inside the character BP. It will automatically update the health whenever it changes. how to display health bar on hud when picking up item How to use motion events in character blueprint setactorlocation not working in 4.8?