Maria menounos and michael chiklis dating

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Maria menounos and michael chiklis dating

At Channel One, Menounos interviewed President George W. is a charity whose mission is to utilize the power of the entertainment industry and the production medium to educate, empower and raise social awareness. have teamed up with various organizations such as The Weinstein Company, Tide, Channel One News, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Nike, and Cosmo Magazine. has helped raise awareness for Diabetes, pet adoption, women’s suffering, MS, racism and countless others. helped secure distribution for the award nominated Miramax holocaust documentary ‘Paperclips.” Menounos and TAH!Bush and travelled the globe reporting on world affairs. created the “Take Action-One Cup”, a competition via Channel One designed to empower students and communities nationwide to confront social issues. teamed with NIKE for their “Let Me Play” initiative to refurbish national neighborhood playgrounds. created the annual “Day of Beauty” at LA children’s hospital where Hollywood stylists and other celebrities apply makeovers to terminally ill children.

Menounos covers all the top entertainment events, celebrity interviews, red-carpets and movie premieres with her uncompromising and daring interview style while maintaining her fun-loving persona.The platform is open to all TV series from “American Horror Story” to “American Idol” to “Big Brother” to to “Sons of Anarchy” to “Mad Men” and the “Jersey Shore.” The year old Network receives over 11 million weekly downloads from 75 countries!Menounos was the international spokesperson and face of PANTENE hair care products.The After Buzz TV Network is an online broadcast network, designated to producing live and recorded “after-show” webcast and podcast content for TV series of all kinds.A veritable “post-game” show for television shows, when TV fans finish watching episodes from select series, they can go to to watch or listen to, an 'after-show' where hosts recap and break down that night’s episode, take calls from fans and interview guests.At Emerson, she became the first freshman in the school’s 125-year history to garner the prestigious EVVY award for best newscaster.

After her junior year, Menounos became an international correspondent for Channel One News – launch pad to such reporters as Anderson Cooper.

She was the recent recipient of the 2012 Lifetime Impact Honoree Award for Variety Magazine’s prestigious Power of Women event.

Menounos’ career has been groundbreaking and will no doubt be emulated by many to come.

Her coverage of the AIDS virus in South Africa inspired her to dedicate herself to charity work and to create the non-profit, Take Action Hollywood! As a Diabetes Awareness Ambassador for Entertainment Industry Foundation, Menounos has spoken on Capitol Hill and is working with lobbyists on improving treatment for the disease, worldwide.

Menounos is also proud to be the first Global Ambassador for Shining Hope for Communities - an innovative, grassroots non-profit organization working to champion gender equality and combat urban poverty in one of the largest slums in Africa: the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

Menounos’ achievements have thus far set industry milestones.

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