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Rubber dildos, usually incorporating a steel spring for stiffness, became available in the 1940s.

These may resemble figures, or simply be practical creations which stimulate more easily than conventional designs."Packing dildos", which are not designed for penetration, are often made of this material.Phallus-shaped vegetables and fruits, such as bananas or zucchini have even been used as dildos.A dildo intended for repeated anal penetration (thrusting) is typically referred to as an anal dildo or simply "dildo".Anal dildos and butt plugs generally have a large base to avoid becoming accidentally completely inserted into the rectum, which may require medical attention to remove.In the 1990s, silicone rubber dildos became more popular, a trend that has continued as the prices have lowered.

These are easier to clean and do not have the characteristic plastic aroma of PVC.Some users prefer them because of their hardness, firmness, durability, electrical conductance (see erotic electrostimulation), and low friction, especially when used in conjunction with lubricant.Because they are heavy, they can be used to exercise vaginal PC muscles.A dildo is a device usually designed for penetration of the vagina or anus, and is usually solid and phallic in shape. Others exclude penis prosthetic aids, which are known as "extensions".Some include penis-shaped items clearly designed with vaginal penetration in mind, even if they are not true approximations of a penis.Some people include devices designed for anal penetration (butt plugs), while others do not.