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naughtyboy20 had a reply from wetsexymother: From wetsexymother to naughtyboy20 Subject: re: Hello Hello. When he's out of the house I sometimes use a dildo on myself and imagine him coming in and catching me.

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"Imagine it's her," Elaine gasped as, holding my dick upright with one hand, she straddled my thighs and lowered her sex over my cock-head. "Imagine what it would be like to fuck your own mother and grandmother together, Robert?Elaine had put the idea into my head of seducing my mother, but since my luck had already stretched beyond reasonable bounds I decided that any attempt at making a move on my mum would be doomed to catastrophic failure.And then my mum's laptop went on the blink and she had to use the main desktop computer in the spare bedroom.Although there isn't much to do with the dirty pictures in this scene, it's a progression from Robert's grandmother and Elaine.Thanks for all the suggestions with where to take this. There's been no real plan to the scenes in the series since it began with that one original piece."Fucking hell," I muttered, totally absorbed by what I found. Not a chance." The deeper I delved into my mother's online persona it became obvious that my grandmother wasn't the only female in our family to lean towards the dark side of incest.

Looking at some of her chats and messages it seemed like my mother had some pretty wild fantasies along the same lines as well! I thought about revealing the latest twist to my grandmother but decided against it.

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Mum was out when I started up the desktop computer with the intention of downloading some music when, for some reason – the hand of fate perhaps?

– I browsed through the computer's internet history.

"Tell me more," she demanded, with one hand busy against her clitoris. As her fingers worked in and out Elaine muttered on about me and my mother and how great it would be to share both her and my grandmother with me.