Christmas dating tips

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With Halloween, bonfire night and the half term holidays now behind us, the loom of Christmas is worryingly near and the next focus of the marketeers desperate for us to indulge to excess.

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Try this healthy vegetarian Aubergine and Chickpea Moussaka, which can also be frozen for the busy period ahead.

In any case, as a rule, always take the stairs and walk up escalators instead of the lift.

Over the weekend when you have a little more time, try to allow for a longer walk or other exercise activity.

If your kids are complaining, drop expensive, high-stress rituals in favor of something simple and universally appealing, like a Christmas Eve chocolate-chip pancake feast.

That massive pile of holiday cards needs to get mailed ASAP, but just the thought of it gives you writer's cramp? Barreling through throngs of mall shoppers on the hunt for a last-minute gift?

With excessive calorie consumption ahead, your daily routine of exercise is crucial.

Firstly, look in your diary and work out a slot each day to incorporate some exercise.Adopt these 10 diet and lifestyle tips over the next month and you’ll find you will boost your resilience to temptation when the busy period begins and effortlessly ward off unwanted weight gain.Cold weather and shorter days are not so enticing when it comes to venturing outdoors and it is surprisingly easy to end up doing very little or no exercise at all during the week.We want to party like it’s Christmas without having to cry into a boring purging regime come January.Basically we want to drink and dance and eat but not gain and perhaps even lose a bit of weight…We set nutritionist MAY SIMPKIN the challenge.If you can muster up even the slightest motivation, you are unlikely to regret your decision to exercise!

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