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Through these you'll receive guidance, knowsacredness, come close to Me.I am your God Who brought you forth from the land of Egyptto be your God. You've been the help of my ancestors,shield and aid to their children in every generation. Your justice and righteousness flow to the ends of the earth.

V'Shinantam L'Vanecha V'Dibarta Bam, B'Shivt'cha B'Vetecha U'v'Lecht'cha Va Derech U'v'Shachb'cha U'v'Kumecha; U'K'shartam L'Ot Al Yadecha, V'Hayu L'Totafot Bein Eineicha; U'Ch'tavtam Al M'zuzot Beitecha U'vi'Sh'arecha.Blessings to You holding and saving,blessings to You., Praises to You ever and always, our Maker, Great, Sacred throughout heaven and earth.Bind them as a sign upon your hand,let them be as frontlets between your eyes.Inscribe them upon the V'Ahavta Et Adonai Eloheicha, B'Chol L'vavcha, U'v'Chol Nefshecha U'v'Chol M'odecha.Your cycles and seasons, the wonders of Your Creations,touch and open my soul,calling me, to enter into Your mystery. I open myself to feel Your Presence,to all the many ways You show Yourself. Baruch Oseh V'Reishit, Baruch Omer V'Oseh, Baruch Gozer V'M'Kayem, Baruch M'Rachem Al Ha Aretz, Baruch M'Rachem Al Ha B'riyot; Baruch M'Shaleim Sacar Tov L'reiav, Baruch Chai Laad V'Kayam La Netzach, Baruch Podeh U'Matzil, Baruch Shemo..

Blessed, speaking and doing, Blessed, decreeing and fulfilling.

And may a new light shine upon Zionand the world andmay we soon see its light. With deep and abundant Compassiondo You reach for me, my Source.

For the sake of my ancestors who trusted in You andwhom You taught the wisdoms of life, so too grace and teach me.

Source of our strength, Rock of our stronghold, Shield that saves us, Tower that surrounds us.

One of Wisdom, Who made the lighta, Blessings to You,for the abundance of the works of Your hands andfor the rays of light thatcontinually sing Your praise.

Compassionate One flowing with tender loving,have mercy upon me andopen my heartto understand and to discern, to hear and to learn,to do and be mindful andand through the wellsprings of loveto live and embody the teachings of May wonder of You touch and unite my soul.

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