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He lost his appeal against conviction for blasphemous libel involving poem he had published about a Roman centurion’s homosexual love for Jesus.

We CANNOT AFFORD to standby and DO NOTHING about this disgrace. Dear Ann Landers: The office of the Attorney General of the State of Illnois respectfully requests your assistance in combating an international chain letter that is distressing hundreds and thousands of Christians and those of other faiths as well.The result was the chain-letter protest, which, for some unknown reason, has been revived and is again sweeping the world.We are appealing to you, Ann Landers, to help us get the word out. Already a French Prostitute has been named to play the part of Mary Magdalene, with who Christ has a blatant affair. Following these efforts at verification, a statement was read on the air saying that although the attorney general had received between two and three thousand letters over a period of several weeks concerning the supposed gay-Jesus movie, no evidence could be found that such a project ever existed. We urge you to take proper action against this moral corruption. and had been in touch with the Alabama Attorney General’s office.“Hopefully we’ll send a message that this is basically unacceptable,” said continues to play various live theatres from time to time.

It completed a four-week engagement at London’s Pleasance Theatre in late 1999, and in March 2001 it became the subject of a brouhaha at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton when several state lawmakers threatened to cut funding for FAU because their theatre department staged the play. There is a movie that is coming out saying Jesus and his disciples were gay! Scott, who has been out of office longer than four years.There is already a play that went on for a while, but never stopped! Please send this to ALL of your friends to sign to stop the movie from coming out. Show your faith and respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for us! Despite our efforts to get the word to the public that the chain letter is a hoax, we continue to receive approximately 1,000 protests every week and at least a dozen phone inquiries each working day.Today’s lesson: 1999's , a cybercrime thriller written by the oldest man in the world.The Plot ——–You know that stereotype about older people and computers, how they use Internet Explorer with 26 toolbars and make phone calls to their kids for step-by-step instructions on how to log into Facebook?A non-film version of a work similar to the one described in the petition was produced in 1998, when Terrance Mc Nally’s dramatic offering , the production “retells the Biblical story of a Jesus-like figure — from his birth in a Texas flea-bag hotel with people having profane, violent sex in a room next door, to his crucifixion as ‘king of the queers’ in a manner with the potential to offend many people.” And it did.

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