Atmos clock serial number dating

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For anyone who is new to the Atmos, I can strongly recommend referring to My clock has a bubble level- hurray! There is no obvious “break” in the level, it just doesn’t seem to have a bubble (and possibly no fluid): weird, although I see now that specifically covers this possibility- I guess I was too excited at the time to see that note. Apparently my clock had been stopped when it wasn’t at the “extreme” end of its rotation: I had to manually rotate the pendulum about 180 degrees then let it start doing its thing.

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It was an extravagance that I think I railroaded Irene into- but each time it bongs out the hour it makes me happy.

In working condition, clocks of this type are currently selling for between 0 and 00. Some interesting things I discovered when looking at Atmos clocks on e Bay.

Atmos clocks are made out of solid brass, plated with nickel, then 24 carat gold, and finally with a thin lacquer.

I sort of assumed that would be my one and only foray into mechanical clock ownership- that was, until I started exploring e Bay looking for various oddities and knick-knacks to decorate my office.

I discovered Atmos clocks entirely by accident after successfully bidding on a 130 year old mantle clock, currently on its way to me from Germany.

Pre-owned/vintage in very nice condition with slight patina. Once set this clock can run for years and years without winding.

I purchased it on e Bay a few weeks ago, and it is the first thing I have actually received from my adventures there.You might reasonably ask “what the heck is an ‘Atmos’, and what’s the big deal?” In this post I’ll try to answer that question I have had a fascination with old timepieces since I disassembled an old pocketwatch from my Dad’s collection- I was about five or six at the time, and of course totally destroyed the watch.A temperature variation of one degree in a given day is sufficient to “wind” an Atmos for two days of operation.The torsion (spinning) pendulum in an Atmos rotates once every 30 seconds (or 60 seconds extreme to extreme).Due to its precision, handling an Atmos requires special care as well: it needs to be carefully leveled on a stable surface and, once positioned it, moving it requires carefully locking the pendulum first.

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