Astig ng dating

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Astig ng dating

Jin-Pyo also raises the baby Lee Yun-Seong and eventually trains him into an elite soldier.

At the Blue House, Yoon-Sung meets Kim Na-Na (Park Min-Young), who works as a bodyguard there.

Lee Yun-Seong takes the photo and places it next to his bed. this drama deserves a better ending like we actually don't know what happen after that scene with yun seung and jin pyo there are too many loop holes but well it was one of the best action drama not saying IT was the best but ONE of the best.

He becomes emotionally attached to the woman in the photo even though he has never met her. Personally i choose Healer but if City Hunter could just stick to a good flow of the story(the beginning was good), a better romantic relationship between the lead and if they widen the ending (perhaps 2 or 3 more eps) - in terms of solving the problems and fixing the relationship of every characters then this could have been better but it's my opinion tho.

The men will be dropped near the North Korean coastline and then enter North Korea to carryout their assassinations.

For their return, Choi Eung-Chan (Cheon Ho-Jin) promises to have a submarine waiting for them to carry them back to South Korea.

A sniper on the submarine kills all of the special forces members except Lee Jin-Pyo - who survives and swims back to South Korea.

Lee Jin-Pyo, carrying out a promise to his fallen comrade and good friend Park Moo-Yul, goes to Park Moo-Yul's home and snatches away Moo-Yul's baby, while Moo-Yul's wife hangs clothes outside. Lee Jin-Pyo sets up a camp in the jungles of Thailand, while growing and trafficking illegal narcotics.

The explosion did not harm the South Korean President, but other South Korean officials were killed.

While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents.

And that is not Nana-Yoon Seong, but Yoon Seong-Jin Pyo.

A son raised by his father who is unrelated by blood, and a man who raises a son unrelated by blood lovely enough that eventhough the son's family is tormented by the nation, he never actually hates anyone.

Secondly, I actually enjoyed how Nana-Yoon Seong is used as a bait for us spectators to stay aback and watch the romance part of the drama while following to the real story that is more explained in the 2nd phase of the drama, where we don't pay much attention to the romance anymore and just drown to the case of 1983.

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